• Next generation vacuums have arrived

    Next generation vacuums have arrived

    Date: 12-Feb-2019
    We are very pleased to announce that we have been appointed Makita specialist distributors for their exciting range of battery powered cleaning machines. Makita has some of the most advanced battery technology that is being used to power commercial vacuum cleaners. With up to 90 minutes of run time, these machines are the next generation of battery vacuums.
  • Battery Powered Commercial Vacs

    Battery Powered Commercial Vacs

    Date: 12-Jul-2018
    As predicted battery powered commercial vacuum cleaners are being regularly released by manufacturers.
  • Microfibre Clothes - they may all look the same but....

    Microfibre Clothes - they may all look the same but....

    Date: 23-Mar-2018
    A retailer was recently advertising microfibre cloths for 60c each. This may sound cheap however they were not much better in quality than a cheap rag. The quality of a microfiber cloth is determined by the material used in manufacture.
  • Touch Point Cleaning

    Touch Point Cleaning

    Date: 23-Mar-2018
    Does every square centimetre of a room need to be cleaned every time you clean an area? The answer is generally no but depending on the frequency of the clean there are areas that should be cleaned each time and these are called touch points.