Touch Point Cleaning

Date: 23-03-2018

Does every square centimetre of a room need to be cleaned every time you clean an area? The answer is generally no but depending on the frequency of the clean there are areas that should be cleaned each time and these are called "touch points".The name explains the meaning –  surfaces that are regularly touched. This is actual cleaning we are talking about not dusting because as we know dust has its own mind as to where it will accumulate. Touch points start at the door handle, and then the light switch and progress in say an office to the chair arms, the desk, the computer keyboard and screen, the telephone and the filing cabinet. In a hospital ward room, you can add in the bedside table and draws, the over the bed table and the television remote. In the bathroom, you work from the cleanest area to the dirtiest so you start at the light switch and end at the toilet bowl.

How do you make your microfibre cleaning cloth work most efficiently as you clean the touch points because in a single room clean one cloth should be all you need?

You use the origami method of folding the cloth so that you always have a clean surface to work with.

Take the cloth and fold it in half, then halve it again. You now have 8 clean surfaces to use.

Use the first surface, turn the whole folded cloth over and then use the other side. Unfold the cloth once and fold back on itself to reveal two new clean surfaces and then unfold twice and refold with the used surfaces to the inside and you will have a total of 8 clean surfaces.  

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