Alcohol Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser

Date: 06-05-2020

Antibacterial alcohol free hand sanitiser uses Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (Benzalkonium Chloride) to sanitise hands. This is the same ingredient used in many commercial and hospital grade disinfectantes. 

Why have alcohol free hand sanitiser? 

  • There are number of religions where alcohol is not permitted to be consumed or touch the skin
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitaiton clinics can not have any alcohol present. The smell of the alcohol in a sanitiser can be enough to cause relapse
  • Goals cannot have alcohol in any form where it can be accessed by inmates 
  • Many people and particularly small children have skin reactions to high percentages of alcohol

Is it as effective as alcohol based sanitiser?

  • Hand Sanitiser with between 60-80% alcohol is considered the ultimate to kill viruses and should be used where there is a known source of Coronavirus COVID-19
  • Alcohol free hand sanitiser offer some instant kill and also residual kill of most known viruses
  • It is more effectiuve when used in conjunction with hand washing with soap for 20 seconds and drying with single use disposable wipes

Why offer Alcohol free hand sanitiser? 

There are massive shortages of alcohol used to manufacture hand sanitiser, and the shortages are expected to last for several months. It offers some protection - but should not replace regualr hand washing. 


Article written by - John Taylor 
CleaniQ, Business Developement & Innovation Manager