About Us

Clean IQ was founded in 1986 with a customer-focused, holistic approach to hygiene solutions. Today, it stands alone in the competitive cleaning market thanks to its integrated service providing innovative, individual methodology to every business it works with.

The business focuses on giving clients – across all industries – long-term solutions combining the three aspects of hygiene most cleaning companies tackle separately.

This integrated approach allows Clean IQ to lift the burden of compliance and efficiency from its clients by providing a holistic service meetingfull-circle janitorial, chemicals and cleaning machinery needs.

Clean IQ operates extensively across the hospitality, childcare, education, mining, aged care and tourism sectors, and sits at the cutting edge of the industry in its provision of innovative, holistic cleaning, hygiene and maintenance solutions for healthy and motivating spaces.

Working with clients for the long-haul as partner, innovator, educator and supplier, Clean IQ prides itself on long-established relationships with clients built firmly on mutual trust and respect.